September 9th, 2012 by elisdinsb

This body of ours, over time (and sometimes it can start at an early age depending on diet and activity levels) can get tired.  Fortunately, most  of the time, we replenish it with the right amounts of rest, relaxation and proper fuel.

PROPER FUEL:  Doesn’t that bring it all back to diet?  Food in, calories consumed or stored, energy created and the extraordinary body we inhabit is  “good to go” for another period of time.

But what happens when you just plain “run out of steam”, particularly if you’re an athlete, and certainly if you’re a bit on the older side of the chronological scale of time?

I invite you to listen to a most interesting colleague of mine as he talks about cellular energy, gene expression, mitochondria and how it could positively affect your well-being, your energy, your cognitive function and sexual libido!!!…..and then please let me know what you think.

I’m intrigued by this cutting edge science that affects gene expression…how about you?  

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Peter J. Levy, D.C.


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